Save the great wall

1988 – 1989 – 2018

– 1988

The Great Wall is the most significant architectural work built by man: 9,000 kilometers erected during 20 centuries of the Chinese empire and one of the most grandiose monuments of world heritage. In 1988, the International Committee for the Preservation of the Great Wall was established, responding to the initiative of the Chinese government to reconnect with the West through cultural exchanges. China wants to open itself to the world and share its history. 

Thus, Daniel Vial, a young entrepreneur, envisions a China/West encounter under the auspices of culture and civilization. A somewhat crazy idea of celebrating two masterpieces, Venice and the Great Wall, and raising funds for their restoration. A large-scale cultural exchange, which brings to the same table, during a weekend in Beijing: globally recognized Chinese and Western artists, Chinese leaders, and top executives of international companies. This marks a new era in China's relations with the Western world. 

A historical event

The event aims to be exceptional and grandiose, mirroring the civilizations it seeks to celebrate. 

Historic. That weekend in June 1988 when one could witness the first auction of contemporary art in mainland China, the first picnic on the Great Wall, the first Venetian masked ball on the lakes of Beijing... A series of exceptional and unprecedented events.

The Chinese government, as well as guests from all over the world, rejoice in these reunions. China now has a different face. New ties have been woven, and commercial exchanges are being considered. One can foresee the China of 2013, very powerful, open, and influential in the world. 

Visite privée de la Cité Interdite

Private tour of the Forbidden City

The involvement of the Chinese state is exceptional, with important political figures and various national media (the Beijing Daily, CCTV, etc.) supporting this initiative. 

This grandiose adventure also enabled the raising of funds to contribute to the restoration of a part of the Great Wall. 

Following the success of this first weekend, a year later, in 1989, the International Committee for the Preservation of the Great Wall renewed the event. A second stay and new events were organized in Beijing, confirming the Chinese government's initiative for openness and the growing desire to continue these cultural exchanges. 

Private tour of the Summer Palace

The Great Wall of China, now a World Heritage site, will serve as a bridge between the East and the West 

From Venice to Beijing, 250 personalities from around the world participate in an extraordinary weekend. During exceptional events, they are invited to contribute to the renovation of one of the most beautiful monuments ever built by man: the Great Wall of China 

A Venetian masked ball in the Long Tan lake pavilions, a banquet in the heart of the Forbidden City, a gala dinner on Tiananmen Square, a lunch in a privatized Summer Palace, a picnic on the Great Wall... the 250 guests discover ancestral China and pay tribute to it by financing its renovation

The International Committee for the Preservation of the Great Wall was founded in 1988 with the aim of supporting cultural exchanges between China and the West by uniting around a common cause: the renovation of the Great Wall, a World Heritage site. At its creation, the Committee brought together various European, American, and Asian personalities. Chinese and Western leaders, top executives, celebrities, and international artists, who together would make history. 

By initiating new cultural and commercial exchanges. By taking the gamble of celebrating its reunions with splendor and generosity.